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Audit & Assurance

To many businesses, the annual audit is little more than a statutory requirement.
Leigh Saxton Green adopts a different approach.

Whilst the audit remains primarily an independent report to the shareholders regarding the company's profitability and state of financial affairs, we see it as an opportunity to add value to our clients' business to ensure that positive benefits are gained from our audit procedures.

The audit can, therefore, be used as a constructive and effective tool to provide independent and objective information about where the business might be going in the future, as well as keeping a check on what has happened in the past.

The key features of our audit approach are:

  1. To develop an in-depth understanding of your business and the commercial environment in which it operates, so as to ensure that our audit approach is relevant and practical.

  2. To use appropriate and modern computerised audit techniques, designed to assess risk and to enable us to focus our work on the key areas of the financial statements.

  3. Regular communication with the client, so as to ensure that you understand what we are doing and, as importantly, that we are aware of developments in your business.

  4. To provide a responsive, innovative and cost-effective service delivered to the highest professional standard.


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